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  • Fund Advisor Guidance & Education

    Assistance with the investment policy, fund identification and periodic review and employee investment fundamentals and enrollment
  • Low Out-of-Pocket Cost

    Simple & Easy To Understand Fees

  • ERISA Compliant

  • Target Market

    Designed for non-profit organizations with a plan design subject to ERISA employing 2 or more employees

Retirement Savings

Without an employer sponsored plan most employees are going to have no systematic way of financing their retirement

EZB Plan™ is a full-service, one-stop 403(b) plan package designed specifically for the small non-profit organization. Sponsoring a 403(b) plan requires knowledge of complex regulations and an understanding of investments. A non-profit organization wants to outsource as much as they can to people they can trust at the most affordable cost. It is their retirement money in the plan as well so they do not want to see excessive plan costs shifted to employees or investments that trade off on what is best for the investment company verses best for the employee. EZ B Plan™ incorporates a best practice model of independent service component providers along with the efficiencies of the internet and personal consulting of market specialists.

Designed for non-profit organizations with a plan design subject to ERISA employing 2 or more employees that wish to add a quality, full-service 403(b) plan for their workforce. It is also attractive to organizations with existing plans that wish to lower their out-of-pocket costs but not sacrifice on services and fund quality.


Fund Choice

Build the plan’s fund menu from any retirement shares offered by over 100 fund families. There is no restricted list of target date funds. Sample menus are available.

Professional Compliance

Document preparation, employee census review, distribution reviews and 5500 filing are handled by career professionals.

Proactive Reports

New regulations require specialized fee reports for the plan sponsor and employees. These reports are part of the service package. There is a comprehensive annual plan report to review with your committee and advisors.